In a marriage of east and west coast aesthetics, The Four Seventy documents and curates lives of individuality through design, culture, and the every day. Our philosophy is that every person should strive for their most authentic version of self and to reinforce that within the spaces they inhabit and lifestyles they lead. We are practicers of slow-living, ethical consumption, and the importance of approaching life artfully. 

The Four Seventy challenges you to style your life with intention, and we’re here to help.

The name, “The Four Seventy” was chosen after sitting on the floor of a small Boston apartment at one in the morning, painstakingly brainstorming like a child was on the way (I guess the labor in the latter is maybe considered more severe). We glanced at a nightstand Courtney had repurposed from an unfinished cedar into a pale blue, and decided to focus on the change she made by using blue. Blue was chosen to make an intentional statement. 470 is the purest wavelength of blue on the visible color spectrum, and instead of painting the town the proverbial red, we are taking our chance with blue. We want to be visible, piercing, and travel like a wavelength, with our words and decisions. 

After noticing a lack in content in this area that felt meaningful, we’ve set out to create a publication that investigates lives of curated intentionality, that documents interior designs that have meat on their bones, that features people who love their lives and celebrate them through their spaces, gatherings, and lifestyles. This is not click-bait, polka-dotted, or vapid prose. We are writers and businesswomen by trade and education, not just by hobby.

On Tuesdays, our curation day, we’ll be posting about our latest projects, events, and creations made with our two hands (well technically four). Every Thursday, we’ll be writing editorials you can ruminate with on design theory, history or philosophy. These are longer, bigger picture pieces to enjoy and absorb. On Saturdays we’ll be featuring the places, people and companies in the realms of home, decor and lifestyle that emotionally resonate with us.

To chat with us about projects, partnering, event planning, interior design or opinions on Drake’s presence on basketball courts, you can reach us at contact[at]thefourseventy[dot]com.

A one-man band is great and all, but a two-woman business is unstoppable.

Court and Anna

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